sooo, it’s been a while.

Here we are, new year and all.

I’m no longer unemployed, as I had mentioned in  my previous post..thank  goodness. Although the hours are not great, I’m content with what I do. As for my ex boyfriend, well..that situation is just a complete enigma. I’m working on being positive as these days are hard sometimes. I try to focus on family, but it seems that even that aspect of life is not what I’d like it to be. However, I will not let any of this bring me down. This year will be all about positivity. My goals for 2017 are to save up, actually work on a garden, practice self sustaining,  and read read read! As of right now I’ve read 1 book and my goal for the year is 13! Why 13, I don’t know but it’s better than 12, haha. I intend on posting again very soon, looking foward to learning my way around this thing!


and then i ended up here. 

before i begin, i will say that my lack of proper punctuation is by choice. i just don’t like upper case letters unless i’m tagging graffiti. oh well…

i’m gabby. or gabrielle. whichever you prefer. as of a few weeks ago, my life has altered in some ways.. lost my great grandpa, officially lost my ex boyfriend, and as a few days ago, i got laid off.

so here i am. officially wanting and ready to share the journey of coming back up from this and dealing. whether this ever gets read or not, i’m happy to express my thoughts.